Property Management Services

Rental property can be a wonderful investment; it also has the potential for legal and economic disasters. Let
our experienced staff assist you in avoiding the pitfalls and headaches of owning rental property.
We offer Property Management Services ranging from free and 'at cost' to full service.

Option 1: Full Service Property Management

After inspecting your property, we offer suggestions as to pricing, marketing and staging.

We advertise the property’s availability and features.
Advertising includes yard signs, Multiple Listing Service, Internet, newspapers, networking and word of mouth.

We show the property and screen potential tenants. Tenant screening is the MOST critical point in property
management. We always do our best to eliminate questionable applicants. Screening includes previous rental
history, verification of income & employment, personal references and our personal impressions of prospective

We enter into a lease with the tenant. Our standard lease is VERY strong and offers exceptional protection to
homeowners from liability and from undesirable tenants. We collect rents from the tenant and forward
proceeds to the owner. If needed, we send late and eviction notices. We will initiate legal action against tenants
on behalf of the homeowner.

We can coordinate repairs or forward maintenance requests to the homeowner. We have a number of
independent contractors who offer preferential pricing and excellent quality services to Palm Island Estates’
property owners.

We provide year-end statements to property owners for each property.


Our fees for full service property management are economical, especially when compared to other local
property management firms. Standard property management fees are 10% of the rental amount. Many firms
continue to charge the same fee even when the property is vacant. They also charge additional advertising and
re-leasing fees each time the property becomes vacant.

We receive 10% of rents received as a commission. If the unit is vacant, we charge a 7.5% fee.There are no
additional advertising or releasing fees. There is a one-time ANG. 175,- set up fee that may be paid from the first
months rent when received. There is an annual ANG. 100,- account maintenance fee. This fee covers our
bookkeeping costs for year-end statements.

Fees may be negotiable for property owners with multiple properties or in exceptional cases.

Option 2: “Rent and Return”

Under this option, we perform all of the services above from initial consultation, up to the point of entering into a
lease. At that point, the management of the property is returned to the property owner.
Our fee for option 2 is equal to one months rent to be paid by Tenant.

Free Services
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Providing superior service is the foundation of Palm Island Estates.
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